Clubs in Denmark

The below map and table show active Toastmasters clubs in Denmark. Most of them are in Greater Copenhagen Area. All of the club meetings are in English (sorry, but we don’t get many Danish-speaking members). There might be exceptions in some clubs in Jutland that hold meetings in Danish, so you have to contact them directly to find out. The club meeting locations may change, so please contact the club by confirming the location for the next meeting.

If you want to visit a club, please keep in mind:

  • It is a safe environment. You never have to make any speeches if you don’t want to, apart from briefly introducing yourself at the beginning of the meeting (all the participants normally introduce themselves each meeting). Just coming as a guest, sitting and watching is already a big step.
  • Guests with all public speaking levels are welcome. We have had both professional speakers and members with strong stage phobia.
  • In most of the clubs, you don’t have to inform in advance that you are coming as a guest. However, the below meeting time and locations can be outdated, so you should always check the club’s Facebook page or write to them directly to confirm their next meeting date, time and location.
  • Some clubs may have 30 participants at a meeting, some may have only 5. Numbers vary at each meeting as people get busy. Besides, because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the number of members decreased significantly at all clubs. After Denmark lifted the restrictions, the participation is slowly picking up again.
  • You can visit as many clubs as you want and as many times as you want for free as a guest. You can decide to become a member whenever you feel you are ready. To become a member, please contact the club directly for the details. Once you are a member of a club, you can also transfer your membership to any other club around the world without any cost.
Club Meeting addressMeeting timeWeb pageFB pageEmail-address
Copenhagen Toastmasters ClubKildeskovshallen, Adolphsvej 25, 2820 Gentofte.
(See Facebook events for detailed directions)
every second Tuesday
CPH City ToastmastersOehlenschlægersgade School,
Oehlenschlægersgade 55-57,
1663 Copenhagen
every Thursday
Frederiksberg ToastmastersEuropean School Copenhagen,
Room 318
Ny Carlsberg Vej 99, 1799 København
every Saturday
Speak to Lead ToastmastersKulturstationen Vanløse,
Jernbane Alle 38,
2720 Vanløse
every Wednesday
Speak To
Copenhagen Advanced ToastmastersOnline meetings
(No physical address yet)
every second Monday
Amigos Toastmasters (Spanish club)ONLINE meetings:
every Tuesday
Odense International Toastmasters Club(Address may change. Follow the Facebook page)every second Wednesday
19:15 to 21:00
Aarhus ToastmastersCarl Blochs Gade 28,
8000 Aarhus
every Tuesday
Aalborg ToastmastersAalborg Bibliotekerne,
Rendsburggade 2,
9100 Aalborg
(Location may change, see FB page)
every second Thursday (odd weeks)
Esbjerg ToastmastersEsbjerg Bibliotek,
Nørregade 19, Esbjerg
2nd & 4th Wednesday
Toastmasters CPH North
(former "Fredensborg Toastmasters")
Trommen/ Hørsholm Library,
2970 Trommen,
every second Thursday
Toastmasters Club KoldingPakhuset, Sdr. Havnegade 7,
6000 Kolding
1st & 3rd Wednesday

If you are club representative and you want to update the information related to your club on this website, please contact the webmaster by writing to