Toastmasters is growing fast in Denmark

Club Growth in Denmark
Club Growth in Denmark

If you consider the amount of Toastmasters Clubs in Denmark, this news has been expected for a long time. Now, however, it seems things are starting to get a move on. Exciting!

Just recently we had only 3 clubs in Denmark: Copenhagen, Aarhus and Fredensborg Toastmasters. But now, all of a sudden, we have the following places popping up:

  • Esbjerg Toastmasters had their first meeting in December 2014 and are now what we call a prospect club, which means they are getting close to having the 20 members needed to charter a new club. They are open for new members, so if you know someone in Esbjerg who would be interested, they can reach out to
  • UNOPS Toastmasters is the first corporate club in Denmark, solely for members at the UN building in Copenhagen. They had their first meeting on March 11, 2015 and will charter soon due to a big interrest already.
  • Odense is showing an interest with a number people currently talking about starting a club – Odense Toastmasters. They will set up a demo meeting shortly with the help from a current Toastmasters member.
  • Aalborg is also showing activity and The Aalborg Toastmasters Club is on the way! If you are interested, contact them at

All current members of Toastmasters Clubs are more than welcome to help these new clubs out. Visit their meetings, support by sharing this news and let it be known that we are growing in Denmark.

Imagine where we will be in a year. You can be a part of that. Your help is greatly appreciated and also counts towards your leadership progress. Talk to your Vice President Education about how this can fit into your current Toastmasters Journey.

For all these upcoming clubs, go ahead and follow the progress and post questions at the shared Facebook group for new clubs in Denmark: