Struggling to finish your CL?

In Toastmasters there is often a big focus on working on your CC – that is, your “Competent Communicator” manual, which is the project-book of 10 speech projects you must finish in Toastmasters to acquire the title of a Competent Communicator :)

The “Competent Leader” manual are full of smaller projects that require you to take on roles in the club. Most members take these roles all the time, but many forget to get credit in their CL. What a pity!

Recently, some members at Copenhagen Toastmasters shared their challenge of finishing their CL project 8, which requires you to chair a PR campaign or chair a Membership campaign. Now, what is that all about, and how do I do it? A search revealed that this has been answered by another Toastmasters Club on Youtube. Thank you Gilbert Toastmasters :)

How are you doing with your CL and where are you struggling? Try and see if you can set a goal for yourself to finish the CL along the CC.