Toastmasters growth update May 2015

We recently wrote about the soon-to-happen growth in the Danish Toastmasters clubs. Our Area Governor shared this new update with the clubs via email and it deserves a re-post on the website. Here it is:

Dear Area G2!

Below is the overview / update on Area G2 new and future clubs – as of May 9th, 2015.

Prospective clubs

(i.e., registered by Toastmasters International, but not chartered yet – they need to have at least 20 paying members):

Esbjerg Toastmasters Club
Contact: Fanshuang Kong,

CPH City Toastmasters
Contact: Danni Liljekrans;

Future clubs:

(Will hold demo meetings)

Aalborg Toastmasters Club
Demo meeting on May 29, 2015
Agenda and additional information will be posted later.
Contact: Toastmasters Aalborg
If you wish to attend and take part in the meeting – please contact the future club via email.

Odense Toastmasters Club
Demo meeting June 2015 (preliminary) 
Contact: Eva Balslev,

Corporate clubs:

CPH Toastmasters UNOPS
The first corporate club in Denmark held its first meeting on March 11, 2015.
Contact: CPH Toastmasters UNOPS,

Warm regards,

Svetlana Breum
Area Governor

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